At homeland and abroad, you can shop securely up to the limit of your account.  The shopping amount is instantly debited your account and you take the control of your account.  If EURO or USD account is not opted out for shopping at abroad, the amount will be debited to your TRY account.  You can change the account that will be used for transactions via CEPTETEB online branch or calling 444 0 966 TEB Private Line.

You can securely shop online in all virtual stores on which you see Verified by VISA or MasterCard Secure Code logo.  

ATM Use at Homeland

You can domestically use our TEB Bank Card for balance checking and money withdrawal in ATMs of both TEB and other banks.  In addition, you can withdraw money from your USD, EURO and POUND accounts up to the daily limit via TEB ATMs.

In order to withdraw USD, EURO and POUND at homeland, it is sufficient to have your USD, EURO and POUND accounts in TEB to your bank card via TEB Phone Branch (call: 0 850 200 0 666) or TEB Online Branch. 

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ATM Use At Abroad

With your TEB Bank Card, it is free to withdraw money from contracted ATMs at abroad! 

With your TEB Bank Card, you can withdraw money from ATMs of BNP Paribas in various countries.  In addition, you can benefit from this service for free from ATM's of other banks contracted with BNP Paribas.   This service is offered at approx. 50.000 ATM in 6 continents.

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