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Your health during your travel is under our protection...

Travel Health Insurance covers your emergency health problems that may occur during your international travels and is extended by Zurich Insurance Assistance Services per alternatives you opted out.

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With our Private Pension Plan, your future is under our assurance, ensuring an exclusive and privileged retirement at least as much as your present life!  With Private Pension plan, start right away to make savings for your retirement, benefiting 25% of governmental contribution right away.   We are always with you to ensure that you enjoy your retirement, starting today.  You can contact with your TEB Private Customer Agent for details of and purchase the product.

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My Credit Card Safe Insurance takes your valuables in your bag under insurance.  My Credit Card Safe Insurance is a cover which insures your valuables in your bag, purse or wallet such as all your credit cards, ID cards, jewelries, mobile phone, cash and travel tickets against lost due to snatching/hijacking and provides you with assistance services.     Click for details.

Every day, many innocent people are a victim of identity theft.  Before problems occur, meet with the "My ID Safe"!

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We are delighted to inform you about new regulations of applicable Laws and Regulations about automatic subscription, which provide great advantages in subscription to the Individual Retirement Scheme.  Click for details.


With TEB Mortgage which opens the doors of every kind of houses, you will access many types of houses and many types of conveniences.    

Long maturities, lower amounts of instalments offered by TEB Mortgage will provide you with your dream house or workplace, paying it like a rental.  We await you here at TEB Private Banking to benefit from and apply for TEB Mortgage.  Click to access information about current mortgage products.