#Nextgen — 30.09.2021

Wealth Side Stories #13: NextGen

Mimma introduces Emma to the program "The NextGen Experience" which allows her to develop financial skills and greatly increase her knowledge about the management of wealth.


Mimma : Emma, there are things you and I need to talk about. On the topic of your future, your family and your future role in the family business.

Emma : Of course Mimma, I always learn from our discussions and exchanges

Mimma : And I learn from you too! Come with me…

Emma, you are at the age where we need to prepare you for playing a role in our family’s management. Your parents and I have been successful over the past few years and the business has been continuously growing. We are looking forward to welcoming you to play a role in the management of this very business.

Emma : Of course Mimma. I am looking forward to helping. And that’s also why I am working hard in my current position to learn from the best professionals, gather relevant experience and be ready to join when the time is right.

Mimma : We are proud of your academic and professional achievements. Your current position is very important in accumulating the knowledge and experience you will need later. But we also want to make sure you are prepared for your future responsibilities in our family. Therefore, I have spoken to my private banker and they proposed that you join their exclusive Next Generation Experience.

Emma : What does that mean Mimma? Will it be like a postgraduate program?

Mimma : Not at all.. This program will grant you access to exclusive events across the globe. You will meet some of the best experts from the finance, corporate and academic world. You will be able to develop your financial skills and greatly increase your knowledge about the management of wealth. Our private banker also mentions you will network with many young international profiles like yourself. Looks like a great experience!

This will be a good complement to your current experience and to what you have learned from your family.  It will most certainly expand your horizons, touching on a myriad of topics that are relevant to you but that you may not learn elsewhere.

Julia : Ah Emma, good to see you! I can see Mimma has already talked to you about the program. We spoke to our private banker and we think this experience will be a great opportunity for you and for us! This program is part of the training and the growth curve for you to play your future role in our family and our business!

Emma : Mom, yes Mimma told me about it and it looks very interesting. There will be sessions in Asia, in Paris, in the Silicon Valley … and the agenda looks great too! I can’t wait!

Julia : I’m happy to be able to provide this unique opportunity for you Emma. Also don’t forget that in addition to the professional and academic learning points, this will be a great opportunity to make new connections and maybe to even create business opportunities ! 

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