Life Insurance

A life insurance is a wealth planning tool that is part of a long-term investment approach. Our teams have a comprehensive range of life insurance solutions to meet your specific needs.


BNP Paribas Wealth Management Luxembourg enables you to take advantage of a privileged partnership with Cardif Lux Vie, a Luxembourg life insurance company of which BGL BNP Paribas is an insurance agent. You thus have access to bespoke savings and pension solutions evolving according to your situation, as well as a secure regulatory framework, while benefiting from the diversification of your investments within life-insurance policies.

Our services:

  • Life insurance and capitalisation contracts
  • Solutions adapted and compliant with the legal and fiscal
    frameworks of different countries
  • International expertise tailored to your specific needs

Our value added:

Three investment options, with the possibility of combining and changing them:

  • Euro funds of the insurance company,
  • External funds selected for a multi-support offer,
  • A management offer dedicated to you