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Wealth Management wins 27 trophies at the Euromoney Private Banking Awards

Euromoney Private Banking Awards | BNP Paribas Wealth Management


Every year, the Euromoney Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in the Wealth Management industry.


Named ‘Global Best for sustainability’, BNP Paribas Wealth Management also received 27 other flagship awards including :

Europe’s Best Regional Private Bank, Middle East Best International Private Bank, and Best Digital Solutions in Asia and Europe to name a few.
A testament of our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.


The quality of BNP Paribas Wealth Management’s offering & expertise, the strength of its integrated & diversified model, and the solidity of its platforms in strategic markets in Europe, Asia & the Middle East, were also lauded with trophies.


Our Awards:


2024 2024

    • World’s Best for Sustainability
    • Western Europe's Best Regional Private Bank
    • Western Europe's Best for Digital Solutions
    • Western Europe's Best for Investment Research
    • Western Europe's Best for Philanthropic Advisory
    • Western Europe's Best for Sustainability
    • Asia's Best for Sustainability
    • Asia's Best for Discretionary Portfolio Management
    • Asia's Best for Digital Solutions
    • Middle East's Best International Private Bank
    • Hong Kong's Best for Next-Gen
    • France's Best Domestic Private Bank
    • France's Best for High-Net-Worth
    • France's Best for Digital Solutions
    • France's Best for Discretionary Portfolio Management
    • France's Best for Sustainability
    • Monaco's Best International Private Bank
    • Monaco's Best for Philanthropic Advisory
    • Monaco's Best for Sustainability
    • Switzerland’s Best International Private Bank
    • Switzerland’s Best for Succession Planning
    • Italy’s Best for Succession Planning
    • Italy’s Best for Digital Solutions
    • Belgium's Best International Private Bank
    • Belgium's Best for Family Office Services
    • Belgium's Best for Succession Planning
    • UAE's Best International Private Bank
    • UAE's Best for Sustainability
Pierre Ramadier

Pierre Ramadier

Global Head of Entrepreneurs & Families, BNP Paribas Wealth Management

"These awards validate our strategy and commitment to clients in Europe and Asia, as well as our ability to serve entrepreneurs at the highest level with customized solutions tailored to their projects. This industry recognition underscores the quality of our platforms and the unwavering dedication of our teams to provide clients with a high level of expertise."