Comprehensive Equity Investment Options

Equities are simple and transparent products that allow an investor to participate in the development of a company. Equities not only have the benefit of having a high liquidity, but they also  have, with a higher volatility, a higher expected return over the long term than that of other asset classes, while at the same time providing a dividend.

BNP Paribas Wealth Management Asia can assist in the building and maintaining of a strong equity portfolio, through comprehensive equity advisory services backed strong expertise.


Investing in equities on a regulated market is accessible to most people. It is often coherent with personal convictions influenced by our own history, our personality or the search for capital gains.

However, equity investment requires prior knowledge, such as understanding the rules that affect capital markets, a company’s business, or how to assess a company’s growth prospects.

At BNP Paribas Wealth Management, you can benefit from the advice of our in-house experts and from exclusive partnerships with market leaders on over 850 international stocks in the USA, Asia and Europe.

We also help you access these markets through various investment solutions such as investment funds, structured investments or management mandates.

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